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S&D Accounting and Secretarial is a respected bookkeeping firm providing business solutions to Burlington, Hamilton, Kitchener and the GTA since 1996. S&D is a full service firm providing a wide range of services tailored to meet your business needs. These services range from personal income tax preparation to government remittances and day to day bookkeeping. As specialists in this field, we provide feedback and strategies to maximize profits, productivity and business growth.

Sheryl Bender, owner of S&D Accounting and Secretarial is the embodiment of what her company stands for. The full time staff have over 60 years of combined experience and share a goal to provide businesses with the tools to monitor their company’s financial interests. As a family run small business, S&D Accounting understand the day to day stresses of business operations.

Our clients range from small to large companies that recognize the need and value of knowing where their business stands financially at all times.

At S&D Accounting, we pride ourselves on the personable and professional service we provide our customers. Each client is treated as a unique business, as well as if it were our own. Our involvement in each business is based on our clients’ needs.


All of our service options include a free assessment of your business requirements so our services can be tailored to meet your specific needs. At S&D, our services are guaranteed - if there is an error made our staff will resolve with no additional cost to your business.

All work is completed in house, or at the client’s office by employees of S&D Accounting. Our data is secure and backed up daily to an offsite location. S&D Accounting also works with Quickbooks ‘Cloud’ to make your data accessible from virtually anywhere.

We also have a range of external consultants including CPA’s, US Tax Specialists, Investment Planners, Real Estate Professionals and Estate Planning Professionals.

Inputting of Accounts Payable & Receivable

Monthly bank and credit card reconciliations
Payroll Management

Communication and correspondence with customers and vendors
Posting of customer and vendor payments
Preparation of vendor payments
Preparation of T4’s, ROE’s and T5018’s
Preparation of government remittances (HST, ETD, EHT, WSIB)
WSIB compliance
HST monitoring
Spreadsheet analysis
Quickbooks Training
Preparation of financial reports


S&D Accounting also offers a range of administrative services tailored to meet your business needs. We offer these services on an as-needed basis, so you are only charged for services you use.

  • Document sorting

  • Filing system setup

  • Office organization of equipment and staff

  • Mailing (Incoming and Outgoing)

  • Banking and other miscellaneous errands

  • Document processing and transcription

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Ordering of office supplies

  • Managing of monthly emails

  • Specialty mailing

  • Database management

  • Collection calls



With 20 years of experience completing personal income tax returns, you can be rest assured that your return will be filed accurately and on time. We offer a complimentary consultation to ensure all documentation necessary is provided to ensure your return is filed properly. 


Once your return is completed, let S&D Accounting take away the stress of dealing with any government issues that may arise- cost free.


Undergoing a CRA audit is a stressful time for any business owner. S&D Accounting takes 100% accountability for all client audits. We handle all communication, preparation of paperwork and complete the audit in house to ensure all questions can be instantly answered. We ensure the process runs smoothly every time.




April 30th

Income Tax Returns Due

Paid by April 30th, Filed by June 15th

Income Tax Returns for Sole Proprietors/Partnerships

February 28th

Employee Related Forms

Monthly (15th), Semi-Monthly (10th, 25th)

Employer Source Deductions

After $400,000 annually, due on March 15th

Employer Health Tax

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S&D Accounting is a team of highly motivated, professional and passionate people that care about the success of their clients’ business and well being. Click on a team member to contact them directly.

Sheryl Bender
Candace Dickson
Joanne Robinson
Lesley Hollingshead
Diane Howatt
Crystal Bender
Erica Greeley
Sue Coffell



3390 South Service Road

Suite 205

Burlington, Ontario L7N 3J5

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


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